The cruise diary of Nolwenn Lemaitre

Nolwenn Lemaitre, on board the GEOTRACES SWINGS cruise (January-March 2021, Southern Ocean), sends a small cruise diary every week to the students of the Morlaix high school and the Locquirec school in France.

In her diary, Nolwenn explains the science done on board the research vessel, the scientific discoveries and, above all, she makes the students live the day-to-day life of an oceanographic expedition!

The pdf’s of these texts are available below. They are very didactic documents!

We invite you to read, use and share them as widely as possible!

Portrait of Nolwenn Lemaitre @Laurent Godard

*Nolwenn Lemaitre is a researcher at the ETH-Zurich, Switzerland. To find out more about Nolwenn’s role in the SWINGS expedition, you can read the interview included in the article of the Journal Exploreur.

Texts in pdf :