22 January 2021, 00H31: Pump it up !

We, the oceanographers, like to get up from the water by all means… We have already presented you the rosettes, but now it’s time for the pumps! Far from giving you a lecture on the different types of pumps, but we have had to test several of them to fill 1000L drums for Beryllium 7 analysis, which allows us to quantify the atmospheric flow of trace elements to a remote oceanic region, which is our case. Also, if you want to know everything about centrifugal pumps, stage centrifugal, diaphragm, submersible stage centrifugal, submerged centrifugal pumps and their multiple combinations, ask Martin and François, our two polyvalent officers on board! They have been working hard for a week to get 1000L of water up from 200m in less than 45 minutes… After a multitude of more or less successful trials, disappointments, hopes, laughters, last night at 00:01 am precisely, our colleagues Bill and Christian finally managed to make their first profile! And this, without Hugo having to prime the pump!

Here is the smile of victory. © Hélène Planquette
The happy Team. © Hélène Planquette

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